Viking explores Greece and Turkey on a new journey in 2021 | Travel agency center

Viking explores Greece and Turkey on a new journey in 2021 | Travel agency center

Viking has announced a new 11-day ocean cruise route to the Greek Odyssey, allowing visitors to explore ancient Aegean ancient empires during the quiet winter season. Departing from Athens in January 2021, the new route will offer three new ports of call for Viking, including Volos, Thessaloniki and Nafplio in Greece, as well as a stop in Ephesus, marking the return of the company to Turkey.

Sailing the Viking Sea's 930-visitor porch across the Viking Sea, guests travel through several millennia of culture and history from Athens, known as the birthplace of democracy, to the island of Crete, home to the Minoan civilization.

Ephesus (Kuşadasi), Turkey: One of the best preserved antique birds in the world. Visitors can visit the remains of St. John's Byzantine Basilica, visit attractions such as the Grand Theater and the Library of Celsus, or see the modest home where, according to legend, the Virgin Mary lived her last days.

Volos, Greece: A modern port city, this area was once considered a playground for the gods. Guests can experience the Meteora landscape, where medieval monasteries stand on the slopes, or explore Dion's ancient religious center, located at the foot of the Mountain. Olympus. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Thessaloniki, Greece: Greece's second largest city offers a blend of ancient culture and modern life. While in the harbor, visitors can walk along the waterfront promenade with their cafes and restaurants or step out of the city to the remains of Alexander the Great, the ancient kingdom of Macedonia.

Nafplio, Greece: Located between the mountains and the Gulf of Argos, Nafplio is considered one of Greece's most picturesque and romantic port cities. Visitors can discover their Venetian homes and Byzantine churches, drive along the Palamides, towering over the city, or drive to the nearby Peloponnese Peninsula - an area of ​​ancient history.

Off-Road Cruise: Mt. Athos: One day at sea on this route, guests travel down the slopes of Mt. Athos and the spiritual capital of Orthodox Christianity are UNESCO World Heritage sites. At the top of the peninsula, called the "Holy Mountain", there are 20 monasteries dedicated to preserving and cataloging a collection of liturgical works and art.

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