VIDEO. "Do you want me to take my plane?": Macron imitates Chirac on the sidelines of the G7

VIDEO. Do you want me to take my plane?: Macron imitates Chirac on the sidelines of the G7

"Animated" debates, a shaken handshake with the American president and an attempted crowd bath. Emmanuel Macron's schedule for the G7 on Friday and Saturday was rather hectic. & Nbsp;

Before returning to France, the president tried himself in a crowd, in the streets of Taormina, the village of Sicily (Italy) which welcomed the leaders, Saturday. But with the terrorist threat, and his new status as head of state, Emmanuel Macron found himself rather in the midst of an escort of bodyguards than facing the Italians, tells FranceTvInfo, this Sunday. & Nbsp;

Obviously amused by this extraordinary security device, the new tenant of the Elysée joked, using the words of former President Jacques Chirac. "Do you want me to take my plane?" He slid, smiling. & Nbsp;

The phrase "Do you want me to go back to my plane?", Was pronounced in 1996 by Jacques Chirac. The then president is visiting Jerusalem. There, during its crossing of the old city, the crowd is dense, oppressive at times, the bodyguards who escort it are nervous and quite violent with onlookers. "It is not easy to visit the old city of Jerusalem surrounded by a rampart of overexcited Israeli military and security," said the journalist from France 2 at the time. & Nbsp;

"I'm starting to have enough, launches the president quite irritated, before continuing in English." What do you want? Do you want me to take my plane? To go back to France? Is that what you want? This is provocation! There is no danger, no problem! This not a method! This is a provocation "& nbsp;

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